NHS Whistleblower Jade Taylor Goes On Hunger Strike As A Voice For “All” Whistleblowers.

**********NOT FOR MY VOICE SHE DOESN’T**********

I do not mix/associate with any NHS campaigners/whistleblowers online or offline…and never have.

Anyone engaging in a hunger strike, is engaging in an act of self harm.

Anyone engaging in an act of self harm, in whatever form it takes, usually has underlying mental health issues.

Homemade Prawn Cocktail

Delicious Homemade Prawn Cocktail With A Chilli Kick.

If someone is committing acts of self harm or has underlying mental health issues, they should NOT be working in the NHS, or any other public servant position.

She has just played right into the very hands of those seeking to sack her.

She has also now fuelled the long held belief of those in officialdom, that whistleblowers may have underlying mental health issues…when the majority don’t.

Just a minority…usually the most vocal and all over the media types.

Roast Beef Dinner

Roast Beef Dinner And All The Trimmings…Yum Yum.

Way to go Jade Taylor!

She also worked and now works at the NHS trusts involved in the 2011/2012/2013 frauds of my medical case with Thames Valley Housing Association, Browne Jacobson solicitors, Europ Assistance Insurers et al.

And associates with campaigners/activists that participated in the frauds.

That led to the deaths of the Khans in September 2014.

First Staffordshire. Now Berkshire.

An odd move eh…Staffordshire Trust to Berkshire Trust.

So forgive me for not joining the usual tin foil hat bunch, supporting and encouraging this self harm attention seeking stunt.

Yes, I know, I’m harsh.

It is also an insult to all those across the world, who genuinely are starving!

Black Forest Gateau

A Whole Black Forest Gateau Pudding…Just Because I Can.

Glad I steered clear of ALL the NHS campaigners/whistleblowers…and them me.

Any direct contact or contact via 3rd parties this woman or any of her associates attempt to make with me or about my medical case should be reported to the police.

It is classed as STALKING…which carries a prison sentence of up 10 years. 

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


One thought on “NHS Whistleblower Jade Taylor Goes On Hunger Strike As A Voice For “All” Whistleblowers.

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