Jack Jenkins, My Son Is Nothing To Do With My Case And Never Has Been.

ANY money paid out to this man from ANYONE between 2009/2018 in relation to my medical case, no matter where or who it came from, is FRAUDULENT.

He is being USED by dangerous, violent and corrupt officials and criminal fraudsters, for THEIR own gain.

He is NOT and has not EVER been my carer or anything else to do with me/my medical case.

And never will be.

He has his own problems to cope with without being burdened with my ill health.

He’s just my son who would stay over in the spare room when I was ill and needed someone on standby or when he was homeless and had nowhere to stay.

I would pay him out of my DLA/ESA for helping me out.

Just like I did with my daughter, Lauren Jenkins, before she WILLINGLY went off with the sex offenders, child abuser and fraudsters robbing my medical case via deception and fraud, in 2010.

Since 2010 when DC ALEX BOYCE appeared out of the blue with his unprovoked abuse and harassment, I have only seen my son for one Christmas (2015), no birthdays (his or mine) and on only a handful of occasions (he has been a permanent kidnap and violence victim since this abusive copper appeared).

Normally with thuggy police bringing him to me, or thuggy police on my doorstep shortly after his arrival at mine.

If I find out, he is “anything” other than a victim of repeated crimes which started with the arrival of DC Alex Boyce and the Ian Glassford kidnap case and then continued with people like the Midlands Fraudster, Fuerteventura Rapist, Biker Paedo Rapist, MDU thugs and other bent officials, along with Suky Suri of Nationwide Building Society, Charlie Maltman of the Motability Charity, Slough criminals et al, whose sex and fraud crimes led to the deaths of the Khans I WILL NOT PROTECT HIM.

He will need to be arrested, charged and go to prison, along with the rest of the judicial fraud crime gang.

Whose crimes have left an innocent woman and child dead on Slough train tracks.

Whose crimes have left me too late for vital surgery and with probable unnecessary cancer…DELIBERATE MANSLAUGHTER.

A VICTIM OF CRIME, AS I BELIEVE…I will support him all the way.

DO NOT EVER GIVE THIS MAN MONEY…it will be funding criminals into all sorts of unsavoury crimes.

He may also be being held against his will and being controlled, intimidated and threatened.

Just like when he’s being forced to post things he doesn’t want to post on Facebook.

Which led to huge arguments and fall outs with his family.

These dirty, sex beast, murderous, fraudster criminals, know exactly what they’re doing.

Luckily, so do I.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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