Why Did I Stop Writing For Dr Rita Pal On Her NHS Exposed Blog In Spring 2010 And Have Nothing More To Do With Her?

l only wrote 6/7 blog’s on Dr Rita Pal’s NHS Exposed Blog between autumn 2009 and spring 2010 and then stopped all contact with her, because I found some VERY worrying comment’s written about her, by other’s.

The comment’s alleged that she was mentally ill (the GMC also claimed this and she sued them), evil and dangerous. You can read them for your selves :


The comment’s also alleged, that she would flock to other’s legal case’s to fluff her own feather’s and further her own need’s. Another link below :


As my case was/is a “high worth” and a “huge public interest” case, (DUE TO THE ILLEGAL CLINICAL TRIAL I WASN’T EVEN MEANT TO BE ON IN A UK HOSPITAL NEARLY KILLING ME AND THEN JUST BEING LEFT TO DIE WHEN IN A CRITICAL CONDITION IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY BY INSURERS’ WHEN I HAD VALID TRAVEL INSURANCE WITH THEM), that my brain surgery, health, care and life depended on (too late for the vital brain surgery now and masses’ probably unnecessarily cancerous and untreatable now, solely due to the fraud’s) and still depends on, I didn’t want to associate with her…after what I’d read.

Or her friend’s, like William Cassie Powell (Robbie Powell’s father)…whose Google book you may like to read. It includes lot’s of familiar name’s and meetings he was involved in between 2010/2012. Including Browne Jacobson solicitors’ funnily enough. I CANNOT PUT THE LINK IN AT THE MOMENT BECAUSE IT IS LONG AND MESSES’ UP MY BLOG…JUST GOOGLE WILLIAM CASSIE POWELL and the “very interesting” book will appear for you all to read.

Nor group’s like AVMA linked to William Cassie Powell. Maybe Peter Walsh of AVMA could disclose where he got all the donated artwork from for the AVMA art auction in 2012/2013. I hear Patrick Leroy, the insurer, is an artist on the side…amongst many “other” thing’s.

Nor group’s like Cure The NHS…I always did find Julie Bailey’s NHS trip to Spain, odd. Especially when it occured just after the Browne Jacobson Midlands fraud of my case took place, and the Daily Fail didn’t cover her trip.

Ya see, my “LIFE” depended on my “GENUINE” case “AND” the compensation and damage’s “LEGALLY” owed from it. Unlike them.

And people wonder WHY, I did not EVER mix with ANY of these campaigner’s or their associated group’s.

I couldn’t and won’t allow total stranger’s off the internet to be attached to me and my case, for their own financial motive’s and self gratification.

UNLESS OF COURSE THEY ARE MY LEGAL TEAM (not chosen yet)…who would have every right to their fee and self gratification from me.

NB. I WILL NOT BE APPROACHING “ANY” LEGALS WITH MY CASE UNTIL THE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTION’S, MS. ALISON SAUNDERS OF THE CPS, HAS DEALT WITH ALL THE FRAUD’S THAT HAVE TAKEN PLACE BETWEEN 2010/2016…so “anyone anywhere” presenting my case before any court’s or claiming to be my legal representative is a FRAUD.

And ANY MORE money run through DWP, Council’s, NHS trust’s, Business’s, Charity’s, Bank’s or Building Society’s is FRAUDULENT too.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved