Why Did I Stop Writing For Dr Rita Pal On Her Now Defunct NHS Exposed Blog In Spring 2010 And Have Nothing More To Do With Her Or Her Associates?

Dr Rita Pal is a doctor by qualification only.

She is not allowed to practice in the UK as a doctor, as she is not registered with the General Medical Council.

l only wrote 6/7 blogs on Dr Rita Pal’s NHS Exposed Blog between autumn 2009 and spring 2010 and then stopped my contact with her.

I found some VERY worrying comments written about her, by others.

The comments alleged that she was mentally ill (the General Medical Council also claimed this and she sued them) evil and dangerous.

You can read them for yourselves : ON THIS GOOGLE GROUP.

The comments also alleged, that she would flock to others legal cases to fluff her own feathers and further her own needs. Another link to read here : AS IN THE CASE OF BABY SUNAINA.

As my case was/is a “high worth” and a “public interest” case due to the illegal clinical trial I wasn’t even meant to be in at Wexham Park Hospital nearly killing me and then just being left to die when in a critical condition in a foreign country by Europ Assistance Insurers when I had valid travel insurance with them…I felt it was sensible to keep my distance from her and her associates.

Dr Rita Pal

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I did not want her flocking to my case to “fluff her own feathers and further her own needs.”

I shared no personal/private information or documents with her whatsoever.

Just wrote 6/7 blogs sent via email to her.

Never spoke to her.

Never met her.

I didn’t want to associate with her…after what I’d read about her.

Or with her friends, like William Cassie Powell (Robbie Powell’s father of Robbie’s Law/Duty Of Candour) whose GoogIe Book you may like to read if you have time.

It includes lots of familiar names and meetings he was involved in between 2010/2013.

Including with Browne Jacobson Solicitors (Lakhbir Rakar) funnily enough.

The legal firm in the Midlands that was involved in the fraud of my medical case with the NHS and Insurers et al, to fraudulently bury it with lies and deceit and make DIRTY FRAUDULENT CASH for others…who are absolutely nothing to do with me and my genuine medical case.

A crime which has led to my deliberate manslaughter and the horrific and unnecessary deaths of Rubina and Amaar Khan.

Nor did/do I want contact with any of the groups linked to William Cassie Powell.

Like AVMA and Cure The NHS.

Maybe Peter Walsh of AVMA could disclose where he got all the donated artwork from, for the AVMA charity art auction in 2012/2013.

I hear Patrick Leroy of Europ Assistance Insurers is an artist on the side…amongst many “other” things.

Cure The NHS…I always did find Julie Bailey’s NHS trip to Spain, very odd.

Especially when it occurred just after the Browne Jacobson Solicitors (Midlands) fraud of my medical case.

And the Daily Fail didn’t even cover her trip. But covered everything else that was going on in her life, except that.

Ya see, my “LIFE” depended on my “GENUINE” case “AND” the compensation and damages “LEGALLY” owed from it.

Unlike ALL of the healthy above with their whole lives ahead of them.

And people wonder why I did not ever mix with any of these campaigners or their associated groups.

I couldn’t and won’t allow total strangers off the internet who are absolutely nothing to do with me to be attached to me and my genuine medical case.

For their own financial motives and greedy self-gratification.


I will not be approaching “any” legals with my case until the Director Of Public Prosecutions, Ms. Alison Saunders of the CPS, has dealt with ALL the frauds that have taken place with my case between 2009/2018…causing the deaths of Rubina and Amaar Khan and others.


So “anyone anywhere” presenting my case before any courts or claiming to be my legal representative is a FRAUD.

And any more money run through DWP, Post Offices, Councils, NHS Trusts, Care Agencies, Businesses, Mortgage Companies, Charities, Housing Associations, Banks or Building Societies etc is fraudulent too.

Dr Rita Pal has been told repeatedly to stay away from me (but still obsessively stalks) and my relatives/ex-relatives.

Along with all her associates like William Cassie Powell et al.

None of us want anything to do with any of them.

Never have.

Never will.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “Why Did I Stop Writing For Dr Rita Pal On Her Now Defunct NHS Exposed Blog In Spring 2010 And Have Nothing More To Do With Her Or Her Associates?

  1. Hi Caroline.

    Thank you for that.

    My actual case is an easy, cut and dry case.

    Unfortunately, this despicable Asian scammer, a bunch of criminal fraudsters and corrupt officials who are nothing to do with me, have committed judicial fraud with stolen and falsified medical documents and have been using my case fraudulently.

    As their own personal ATM machines for 9 years.

    Causing my deliberate manslaughter and leaving an innocent woman and 10-year-old child dead in the process.

    I’m waiting for the police to charge them all with their many frauds, money laundering of millions and both of the horrific and unnecessary deaths they caused.

    So the Courts can sentence them all.

    Hopefully for life.

    I’ve really enjoyed reading parts of your blog. I will be visiting again to read much more and would like to wish you the very best of health for the future and good luck with returning to your career. I hope things work out fabulously for you.

    Thank you for dropping by and your comment.

    Take care.


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