Shirley Ann Stoker Of The National Drug Prevention Alliance – The Most Dishonest Woman I Have Ever Come Across In My Life!

This woman is absolutely shocking! 

I have not seen her for over a decade (since she stole the inheritance from my great gran off me with solicitor Ron Kerslake in 2004/2005 that they still HAVE NOT REPAID) other than her 2/3 brief visits to the hospital’s when I was critically ill in 2006 and in passing at Sergeant Tom O’Briens wedding to my cousin Lucy Alice O’Brien (nee Fairweather) in July 2006 and a family funeral in 2007. 

I stopped going to family event’s after this, solely to avoid contact with her.


I arrived on the 911 Recovery breakdown truck in Berkshire on 2/2/2016 around 11 am and needed a telephone number of a relative, which she has but would not give me and I had to leave within 10 minute’s.

If I had stayed any longer in the madhouse, I’d have ended up stealing Peter’s lithium just to stay sane…A day off those after decade’s on them, would have sent him into meltdown. Poor man.

I cannot move into my new place yet, so tying up ALL loose ends here whilst waiting and collecting the last of my belongings from Slough.

When I said I had nowhere to stay IN SLOUGH whilst here (other than B+B’s) she pipes up “Why don’t you go to Slough Borough Council and tell them you have mental health issue’s and then they’ll have to give you somewhere to stay”.

When I replied “But I don’t have any mental health issue’s, just terminal illness and a host of disabilities and physical health issue’s”. AS CONFIRMED BY MY NEUROPSYCHOLOGIST, NEURO TEAM AND DR’S.

She then pipes up “You don’t really have to have them, just pretend you do”.

I could not believe my ears or her warped suggestion and had to leave.

I cannot cope with her bizarre behavior and let’s pretend game’s. It drove my mother to medication…medication she was then on for decade’s. From the age of 15 until death, aged 36. Poor woman.

Why on earth would any normal and sane individual with NO mental health issue’s, go to a random council that is nothing to do with them AND PRETEND THEY DO?!

I cannot be around such a lying, deceptive and thoroughly messed up individual. Hence no contact for a decade.

I won’t ever forgive her for what she did to my Great grandmother and me or other’s. ROBBING A 96 YEAR OLD LADY AND THEN PUTTING HER TO SLEEP VIA LCP SOLELY TO HIDE WHAT SHE HAD DONE IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.

Not just disgusting, it is murder!

The only thing crazier than the above, was when she threw herself a 25th wedding anniversary party requesting no gifts but only financial donations for her cash strapped charity, the NDPA…AFTER ONLY BEING MARRIED 10 YEARS.

And when pulled up on it, said “yes but we’ve been together 25 year’s”.

Mad as a bucket of frogs!

So glad I cut ALL contact with her and had nothing more to do with her.

She’s the only person I know who could drive a circle round the bend.


Her greed and crimes (the reason she had to dissolve the NDPA charity in 2012 when caught out) leave people dead, harmed, tarnished careers and all sorts.

Especially after my poor son was left in intensive care after a hit and run and no one has seen him since. Not even his Gran (not Mrs Stoker…when he rang her for help she told him to get lost and never call her again) and Grandad. Nor his sister. Nor me.


Despite everyone knowing his life was in SERIOUS danger prior to it happening, no one made any effort to protect him from the criminal’s since he was taken in February 2016 when the Owen White Solicitors/TVHA/Judge Glen case took place and the £300,000 Mears Home Care overcharging with Brighton Council was carried out, at the same time as TVHA seeking possession without any grounds to do so, of my rented social housing home at 18 Neptune Way SL1 5UT. And TVHA stealing all my belongings.

IF ANYONE has given this woman any money, car’s or good’s between 2006/2017 in relation to my medical case/me they have been conned, scammed and robbed by her. She is nothing to do with me/my case. Never has been. Never will be. TOTAL STRANGER.

Maybe it would be better that I visit Slough social services than Slough council and inform them that two elderly relative’s (one of whom is involved in fraud crime’s and theft’s with horrific consequences including a child’s murder and another with medicated mental health issues) are behaving very oddly and making bizarre suggestions and that they shouldn’t be living in that big old expensive 6 bedroomed house with a 1 bedroom flat on their own anymore…moving in with younger relative’s (not me) like Sargeant Tom O’Brien or into a care home where someone could keep an eye on them properly would be better for them. And safer for other’s.

Mrs Stoker could then repay the inheritance she stole off me, from the proceeds of selling her big house or her luxury holiday home in Florida.

I did smile, as I walked out of the madhouse and both the Stoker’s heckled in tandem a sarcastic and drawn out “bye”. Like a pair of 12-year-old children.

I almost retorted with “See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya especially if the Khan’s get hold of ya”.

But I couldn’t bring myself down to their pathetic and childish level.

The sooner a magistrate or Judge puts Mrs Stoker in prison for ALL her crime’s, the better.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved


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