Until There Is A Blog Post On This Blog Clearly Stating That Shirley Ann Stoker Of The National Drug Prevention Alliance Has Repaid My Inheritance She Stole And Spent, Wexham Park Hospital Have Paid The Damage’s And Compensation They Owe In Full And The Insurers Have Paid The Damage’s And Compensation They Owe In Full – Accompanied By A Photo Of Me In Person Holding The 3 Cheque’s As Proof For The Money Owed Having Been Paid :


Between June 2006 / April 2017 I have relied solely on DLA, IS or ESA and Housing Benefit or LHA paid at normal benefit claimant rates. As all of my financial statement’s confirm.

I have funded ALL care costs/help/brain scan’s myself out of my DLA, IS or ESA.

The only thing I have ever been given, is one gig of free data from EE.

As my lifespan is now far less than when I first tried to take legal action in 2008 and Irwin Mitchell London messed up the case, I am not interested in PERIODIC PAYMENT’S FROM THE NHS AND INSURER’S. Or Shirley Ann Stoker of the National Drug Prevention Alliance.

They all need to pay up…IN FULL.

Hope that clarifies things for EVERYONE!

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.