Imagine…Not A Song By John Lennon!

Imagine, only getting to own and drive a Ferrari around Marbella, off the back’s of raped children, raped men and women, a dead woman solicitor, a murdered 10-year-old child, the premeditated and deliberate manslaughter of another woman…and NHS/Insurance/Bank fraud carried out against a terminally ill disabled woman.

Some Ferrari driving men are just so classy eh!

BEST BIT…One of his relative’s bragging on his Twitter page (screen shotted) of “Living The High Life”. On the FRAUDULENTLY OBTAINED AND STOLEN FUND’S.

Enjoy it while you can you filthy paedo associate…you’ll have nothing once this fraud case is over. Not even the roof over yours and your families head’s bought with the paedo crime cash.

He could then write a book…Homeless Wankstain In Spain.

At least the dirty Spanish “Solicitor’s” and MK nonce who carried out the 2011/2012/2013 judicial fraud of my medical case with the other’s and stole the million’s they’re all spending and can’t afford to pay back, can keep this criminal and his wife (in on the crime’s and fraud too) company in prison…after all the asset’s of crime have been seized, bank account’s they’re all using are frozen and they have been declared bankrupt, that is.

Oh, and you know what they say about paedo associate’s…they’re normally paedo’s themselves.

NB. Thames Valley Police should have had this lot charged and inside year’s before the KHAN’S DEATH’S. If they had, the Khan’s would still be alive now. Shockingly, they’re still out on the street’s…making a total mockery of Thames Valley police and UK judicial system. And using Spanish court’s to commit their UK CRIME’S.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.