The Spanish “Solicitor’s” And Their Accomplice’s Who Took Part In The Fraud Of My Medical Case In 2011/2012/2013 With Ex Relative’s, Paedophile’s, Fraudster’s And Bent Official’s…Have Not Recovered Off Plan Property Deposit’s For Anyone!

They are FRAUDSTER’S who took part in the multi-million pound NHS AND INSURANCE FRAUD (Browne Jacobson/NHS and Europ Assistance) of my medical case with the other’s, that led to the DEATH’S of Rubina and Amaar Khan at Slough Train Station, in September 2014.

They are laundering the cash they obtained by this deception and fraud, under the guise of  “returned off plan property deposit’s”.

Everyone who has accepted the fake “off plan property deposit’s” off them, thus, helped them launder that fraudulent cash, on properties, Ferraris and living the high life etc, is now involved in that crime, which includes paedophillia and child murder.

And my deliberate manslaughter from preventing VITAL BRAIN SURGERY AND VITAL HEALTHCARE.

Not happy with their own country, Spain, being a corrupt shit hole…they bought their dirty, nasty, corruption and criminal activity to the UK and left a woman and child dead and caused the deliberate manslaughter of another.


Oh, and it is a criminal offence in the UK to pretend you are a solicitor when you’re not and to pretend you are someone’s solicitor when you are not.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.