In August 2011, Just 11 Week’s Before Suky Suri Of Nationwide Building Society And Charlie Maltman Of Citroen Motability Committed Fraud With The Cash And Motability Car, Two Copper’s Knocked On My Door And Took My Signature For “Their Little Black Book” To Help Carry Out The Fraud’s That Later Led To The Khan’s Death’s…Do I Have A Description Of Those Two Corrupt Copper’s Involved In The ORGANISED CRIME?

Of course I do :)

I’ve got photo’s, screenshot’s, description’s, name’s and badge number’s of ALL the corrupt and abusive thug copper’s involved in all the domestic violence, crime’s, intimidation, harassment, abuse, criminal damage, theft’s and fraud’s carried out against me from 2010/2017.

There’s even the lovely photo of one of them, hooked up to an oxygen machine in The Mirror newspaper! (Clara Jane Penfold/Clara Jane Breaker case).

The two corrupt copper’s who took my signature to carry out the FRAUD’S with Suri, Maltman et al:

Copper one : Around 6ft/6ft 2′ tall. Tanned complexion. Slim build. Blue eye’s. Chiseled facial features. Very short dark cropped hair. Wearing royal blue shirt and trouser’s tucked into black lace up boots.

Copper two : Around 5ft 8’/5ft 10′ tall. Pale complexion. Stocky but not fat. Sandy/Mousy hair with a receding hairline. Wearing standard police attire…white short sleeve shirt and black trousers. This one had a very distinctive tattoo. It was a tribal tattoo that covered his whole arm from wrist to shoulder.

NB. Copper two bore a striking resemblance to Sergeant Tom O’Brien of Maidenhead police station, my cousin’s husband.

I discounted it from being him at the time on the following grounds :

1) I thought he was still living in New Zealand with my cousin Lucy.

2) When I last saw him at his wedding in July 2006, he did not have a tattoo covering his whole arm.

3) I would not have expected him to be involved in organised crime and fraud against family.

4) I would not have expected him to be involved in organised crime and fraud linked to paedophiles, child abuser’s et al.

Oh, and after the dirty copper’s, all the bent official’s and street dog crim’s had stolen all the cash and good’s from the various fraud’s they were laughing and saying “we’ve got all your money and all your good’s and can do what we want to you now” AND “you can’t prove what we’re doing to you”.


They were so intent on hurting me and preventing me getting my inheritance and compensation/damage’s…their crime’s caused the DEATH’S of Rubina and Amaar Khan.


Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.