In October 2014 Just Weeks After The Deaths Of Rubina And Amaar Khan Caused By The Fraud Of My Medical Case, The Tory Government Had To Take Over My Old Hospital Trust Who Harmed Me, The Heatherwood And Wexham Park Health Trust And Dissolve The Not Fit For Purpose Trust In Its Entirety. It Is Now Known As Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust Who Thames Valley Housing Association Are Twinned With. WHY WAS THIS?

Because everything I had blown the whistle on for many years that initially fell on deaf ears, was absolutely true and evidence based.

And on investigation, the Government found this all to be true and far worse.

Despite the lefty die-hard thugs who were supporting it and the corrupt insurers, and abusing me in return for dirty cash and business favours.

Dangerous, not fit for purpose, corrupt and rotten to the core.

And the local and mainstream media wouldn’t touch my case.

They kept trying to bury it all and in some cases, were actually caught out helping the noncey and gypsy criminals involved in all the crimes and frauds and money laundering.

Some media and others are still helping the noncey and gypsy criminal fraudsters now.

Yes, giving them newspaper space is HELPING them.

Plugging them online is HELPING them.

Retweeting Twitter posts is HELPING them.

Sharing Facebook posts is HELPING them.

Allowing them to write articles for print in media is HELPING them.

It is just a shame the Tory Government didn’t do it earlier, when the fraud of my medical case was carried out in 2011/2012/2013 with the bent officials and fraudsters to bury my genuine medical case…then maybe the Khan’s would still be alive.

To date (13/05/2018) Wexham Park Hospital have still not paid me one penny in compensation/damages that they legally owe and nor have the insurers, Europ Assistance.

They ALL still think they are above the law.

NB. You can no longer make FOI requests to the Heatherwood And Wexham Health Trust, as it no longer exists. You can however, access my old requests about this case to them in a simple Google search or in other posts in this diary of abuse, attempted murder and murder. 

And this is the PETITION I raised with the Government about Europ Assistance Insurers but had to close after just a few months, when the leftard fraud crime mob tried to blow my house up.

Attempted murder.

Wexham Park Hospital Image

The Government Dissolved The Trust With The Assistance Of The Staffordshire Takeover Crew…BUT FORGOT TO PAY MY COMPENSATION AND DAMAGES MONEY BEFORE THEY DISSOLVED THE TRUST.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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