If I Have Never Presented My Medical Legal Case To “ANY” Court’s, Only Notified The Court’s And Relevant People Of The Repeated Fraud’s Of My Medical Case Which Led To The Death’s Of The Khan’s And Will Not Be Presenting My Medical Case To “ANY” Court’s For Some Period Of Time Yet…Who Are All These Fraudster’s, Bent Legal’s, Charitie’s And Organisation’s Who Keep Fraudulently Trying To Attach Themselves To My Medical Case And Me…When I Want Nothing To Do With “Any” Of Them?

They are just sick and disturbed paedo online scammer’s and bent official”s abusing their position’s, who have seen me blogging about my medical case online.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Repeatedly deceiving and financially ripping off the court’s (and other’s) any way they can, via fraud and deception with my medical case.

Then laundering ALL the cash in the UK and ABROAD (USA and Spain mainly).

And enjoying ALL the good’s, car’s, motorbike’s, motorhome’s, caravan’s, holiday’s, property’s, land, funding mortgage’s, funding businesse’s, funding charitie’s, funding NFP organisation’s, paying employee’s exorbitant salary’s to shift the fraudulent cash etc.


All garnered from their warped 7/8 year reign of crime’s carried out against me…AND AIDED AND ABETTED BY THE POLICE REFUSING TO STOP THE CRIME’S AND PARTICIPATING IN THE CRIME’S THEMSELVES.

Not to mention, writing book’s on the crime cash and setting up animal charitie’s where the poor animal’s are kept in squalor!

Conning Judge’s and making a total mockery of judicial law and the UK and SPANISH COURT’S. 

They have also made a complete mockery of Thames Valley/MET police…with the help, of the corrupt officer’s on both force’s involved in the sick crime’s and multiple fraud’s.

(Never fault the good police because of the sick and bad one’s though…the good one’s are superb).

And left a woman and child dead.

And other’s dead.

And me to die.

It’s called Paedophillia, Judicial Fraud, Serious Organised Crime, Money Laundering, Murder and Manslaughter.

It’s what Gypsy and Asian CRIMINAL’S like Downes, Nanda, The Midlands Fraudster, The Biker Paedophile Rapist, The Fuerteventura Rapist, The Spanish “solicitor’s” et al do…believe it or not!

Thames Valley Housing Association/Fizzy Living and the Thames Valley Romany Gypsy Police Force WERE JUST THEIR VEHICLE’S.

Cybercriminal’s and bent official’s who I won’t let represent my genuine medical case in a court of law.

They want the huge fee and to be attached to me and the cash I am LEGALLY AND ETHICALLY entitled to, for the rest of their miserable criminal live’s.

And I won’t have it.

Because I won’t let them represent my genuine medical case in a court of law, they keep committing fraud of it.

They threaten and attempt to kill me (and ex-relative’s) and all sorts.

Lest not forget, trying to blow me and my old Thames Valley Housing Association (18 Neptune Way SL1 5UT) house up…ATTEMPTED MURDER.

Lest not forget, tampering with my car on 5 occasion’s to cause, “an accident”…ATTEMPTED MURDER.

Lest not forget, sending a man with an axe to my house to murder me…who was eventually arrested and sectioned under the Mental Health Act…ATTEMPTED MURDER.

Lest not forget, deliberately making sure I didn’t get the vital brain surgery I needed…MANSLAUGHTER.

Lest not forget, deliberately causing me probable unnecessary and what will be untreatable cancer…MANSLAUGHTER.

Lest not forget, robbing all of my belonging’s totalling around £30,000…BLATANT ROBBERY.

They kidnap, abuse, drug and rape my son. Sometimes holding him for month’s and month’s at a time. HE OFTEN CALLS ME IN DISTRESS AND DESPERATION TO GET AWAY FROM THEM!

Lest not forget, leaving him fighting for his life in intensive care, after a planned hit and run that almost killed him…ATTEMPTED MURDER BY A HOUSING CONTRACTOR.

Lest not forget, butchering all my dog’s when David Stride failed to get me in the van with them all…CONSPIRACY TO MURDER/ATTEMPTED MURDER.

Lest not forget, the kidnap and robbery of other ex-relative’s…SERIOUS ORGANISED CRIME.

Lest not forget, injecting a young cancer patients’ saline bag with insulin and him dying…MURDER.


Hence, my diary of abuse kept for the entire 7/8 year’s, logging all their sick crime’s and name’s.

Not to mention, stalking me up and down the country.

Sometimes driving thousands of mile’s to do so!

Very ill and obsessive with severe mental health issue’s.

When solicitor, Rubina Khan got in the way of their judicial fraud crime’s (like I am) she and her 10-year-old child ended up dead on Slough Train Station train tracks.

Quite probably murdered…when the crime gang needed her “out of their way”. A GOOD HONEST LADY.

Not suicide and murder!


Including the bent solicitor’s/legal’s who keep “claiming” and “pretending” they are working for me, when they’re NOT!

They are working for the other side…always have been.


None of them are anything to do with me and my genuine medical case and never have been…which I can assure, WILL GO AHEAD AT THE HIGH COURT.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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