Is David Orr Of The National Housing Federation Related To Bridget Orr Of Owen White Solicitors?

That’s David Orr of the National Housing Federation who said “Getting you out even when you own it”.

Referring to me living in my old “rented for 16 years not owned ever by me” Thames Valley Housing Association house, at 18 Neptune Way Slough SL1 5UT.

TVHA Tenancy Image

18 Neptune Way Slough SL1 5UT Has Been My Only And Rented Home Between 2000/2016.

I have never owned any property anywhere in the world and have never had a mortgage.


Nor do I have any debt “anywhere.”

I have always lived within my means.

And Bridget Orr of Owen White Solicitors, the firm of dodgy solicitors who sent the crazy axe man to my old house to threaten, intimidate and harm me when my son was kidnapped in February 2016 (he’s not been seen since other than when he was fighting for his life in intensive care after the organised hit and run by a housing contractor and on release from hospital was immediately taken again) and carried out my July 2016 unlawful eviction from the above property with Judge Glen, by committing perjury in court.

At the same time my son was kidnapped, the unlawful eviction set up, and crazy axe man sent to my home to harm me, a 47-year-old woman called Nicola Walker was found dead on Slough train tracks.

Same age as me, same first name as me, BUT NOT ME.

Had I of gone to court for the unlawful eviction, it would have been me on the train tracks.

Yes, when dirty solicitors and Housing Association employee’s lie to Judges and courts it’s called PERJURY.


NB. When Owen White Solicitors carried out that unlawful eviction and Thames Valley Police and Thames Valley Housing Association robbed all my belongings totalling around £30,000, I had no rent arrears, no bedroom tax arrears and had not engaged in any antisocial behavior…too ill to.

Thames Valley Housing Association owed me money and were carrying out ANTISOCIAL behaviour and acts of severe domestic violence towards me.

What, so Thames Valley Housing Association just threw a terminally ill disabled woman out onto the streets and robbed all her belongings for absolutely nothing and no legally viable reason to do so?


Because they are violent leftard animal’s caught up in million’s of pound’s worth of FRAUDS, paedophile CRIMES and caused a 10-year-old childs MURDER.

And I caught them out for it…so was in their way.

My only crime…recovering from another stroke, still breathing and still owed a fortune.

No one in their right mind would buy a house/flat off Thames Valley Housing Association.

Or even rent from them now.

Rubina and Amaar Khan are dead because of them and their seedy crimes and poor behavior.

They stitched her up with the others involved in all the crimes and frauds, destroyed her and then drove her to her death on Slough train tracks or killed her, and her child.

They can’t even get a 2* rating on Facebook…LMFAO.

Lest not forget “losing their charity status” due to their CRIMES.


AND THE G15 BUNCH (a group of 15 Housing Associations and property developers who have “teamed up”) SHOULD BE BEING MONITORED FOR CORRUPTION AND UNDERHAND BEHAVIOUR AT ALL TIMES.

Especially after the KHANS DEATHS.


And as for David Orr being a head honcho at the National Housing Federation…he doesn’t even know the difference between “renter” and “owner”. PMSL.

And what a sad and putrid little man taking delight in and helping get a terminally ill disabled woman thrown out of her home by gypsy thugs.

What a sicko eh!

Good to see TVHA have now teamed up with Opal who went into administration in 2013 though…LOL.

No wonder housing in the UK is such a mess.

Too many people involved in it are involved in Serious Organised Crime.

Blame women like Geeta Nanda, men like David Orr and all their scumbag corrupt criminal sidekicks like Harry Downes.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.



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