Human Rights Barrister Adam Wagner And The Rights Info Organisation Is Nothing To Do With Me And My Medical Case…And Nor Are Duncan Lewis Solicitor’s!

I have already clearly stated that in an earlier blog!

Never so much as spoken to the man.

Let alone met him or him been involved in my case.

I have also clearly stated exactly “which legal’s” I have contacted regarding my case.

STOP trying to link me and my case to people and organisation’s who are nothing to do with me/it.

It is getting really boring now.

NO SOLICITOR’S/BARRISTER’S/QCs are involved with me and my case.

When a Solicitor, Barrister or QC IS involved in my case, their name WILL be printed for all to see, on the MY SOLICITOR page of this blog.

That way there will be no confusion.


Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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