If You Are Not Dealing With Me “Face To Face” In The Real World Then You Are Not Dealing With Me…And Never Have Been Between 2009/2017!

Just troll’s, scammer’s and fraudster’s along with bent official’s involved in SERIOUS ORGANISED CRIME.

But then everyone already knows that…because I have been blogging PUBLICLY about it ALL, for the entire time.

You don’t just keep giving million’s in money, property’s, car’s and good’s to troll’s, scammer’s, fraudster’s and bent official’s (who are complete stranger’s and absolutely nothing to do with me and my medical case) involved in SERIOUS ORGANISED CRIME for 8 year’s, AND NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

It is called, knowingly and willingly participating in, aiding, abetting and funding SERIOUS ORGANISED CRIME.


At the expense of my health and life (manslaughter) and the live’s of Rubina and Amaar Khan, who are both dead because of it.

And now, EVERYONE involved in the SERIOUS ORGANISED CRIME need to go to PRISON.

What is taking Thames Valley/MET Police so long to get them all arrested and charged, so the Court’s can sentence them all?

Ah yes, they were too busy abusing a terminally ill disabled woman in her home for breathing, for 7/8 year’s.

And committing FRAUD’S AND CRIME’S against her with the paedo fraud crime gang for 7/8 year’s, causing her manslaughter, to address the crime’s and arrest the criminal’s.

That’s what’s taking them so long!

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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