Any Solicitor, Barrister, QC Or Any Other Type Of “Legal” Touching “ANY” Of My Case’s I Have Blogged About In My Blog’s Without My Consent Or Instruction’s To Do So, Will Be Reported To The Solicitor’s Regulation Authority And Bar Standards Board For Fraud.

That includes :

My legal case against Europ/Aria Assistance Insurer’s.

My legal case against Dr Phillip Reginald.

My legal case against Thames Valley Housing Association.

My legal case against Thames Valley Police.

My legal case against Shirley Ann Stoker.


NB. All the one’s who have touched them so far without my consent and instruction’s to do so, are fraudster’s and need sacking and disbarring.

The SRA and BSB should not be allowing this BLATANT FINANCIAL FRAUD AND SERIOUS ORGANISED CRIME, which is a dirty stain on the entire legal profession.

Goodness knows what all the excellent, honest and law abiding legal’s think of that stain!

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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