Will I Be Ordering One Of The New Headway Brain Injury ID Cards To Alert The Emergency Services And Members Of The Public To My Rare Condition?

I most certainly WON’T.

This is for two reason’s.

ONE : In summer 2012 I asked Headway for urgent assistance via Facebook and they refused to help me (as did the Stroke Association). DESPITE me having supported them for over two decade’s, since the death of my mother (Shirley Ann Stoker of the National Drug Prevention Alliances daughter) from SAH in 1990.

TWO : I carry my angio seal closure card which show’s which side my femoral artery brain surgery has been carried out on in case of emergency and list’s my neuroradiologist, neurosurgeon, neuropsychologist and doctor for contact.

BECAUSE I SUFFER TIA’S ON A DAILY BASIS AND REGULAR STROKE’S (a 1 cm leaky atrophic left ACA that needed stenting) ALONG WITH A DEADLY 24/7 EPILEPSY (so severe it is caused just by blinking alone) IT IS VITAL I CARRY THIS CARD…even though I have no NHS healthcare.

Ironic eh!

Also, I am luckier (if you can call it that) than many brain injury survivors.

Because my brain injury was so severe (3 different ruptured arteries : anterior/left/right) when my pupils fixed and dilated and became sluggish to non responsive to light in Turkey, my right eye was left with permanent anisocoria after my recovery.

This means, as soon as emergency services look in my eyes, they can see this and other anomalies and will know a severe head injury has been sustained.

So, I don’t need a Headway card…and with head injuries on the increase in the UK, that will leave more card’s for those who do need them.

If you would like to read about my brain haemorrhage’s and stroke’s you can at : http://nicolajenkins.wordpress.com

You can also have a peek inside my body and brain as a few of my many scan’s are on there…that’s for all the men who like to get inside a womans brain :)

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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