Grenfell Tower Victim’s Hounded And Harassed By “Greedy Ambulance Chasing Lawyer’s”.

Cor, they want to think themselves lucky they’re only being hounded and harassed!

I have them actually PRETENDING to be my Lawyer’s/Barrister’s/Advocate’s/Agent’s etc and fraudulently taking my medical case into Court’s of Law without my consent, with falsified document’s, untrue information and allsorts.

Not to mention all the other FRAUD’S.

Not just disturbed psycho’s in the UK either.

Even disturbed psycho’s in Spain.

Then setting up fraudulent trust fund’s and bank account’s to launder all the fraudulent fund’s through.

Then treating themselves to multi-million pound property’s like Tilehouse and USA/Spanish/French home’s, Ferrari’s, Harley’s, Motorhome’s, Caravan’s, and all sorts!

A very sick bunch of animal’s.

RIP…Rubina and Amaar Khan.

Dead because of the above.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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