Has This Awful Dr Rita Pal Creature Actually Realised Yet That She Is Absolutely Nothing To Do With Me And My Medical Case And Never Has Been And Never Will Be?

And anything else she thinks, is purely MADE UP in her OWN LITTLE IMAGINATION.

I wouldn’t let her lick Buddy’s bollocks clean…let alone anything else.

The General Medical Council alleged that she has Mental Health Issues.

So I steered well clear of her and all of her associates.

How on earth she ever got to work in the NHS in the first place is beyond me…thank goodness she doesn’t any more.

I’m still shocked the Metropolitan Police let her go with no charges, when they arrested her just after Rubina And Amaar Khans deaths and all the frauds of my medical case/postal frauds between 2009/2018.

She has been trying to latch on to me/my medical legal case to make fraudulent money she’s not entitled to, for years.

Since I sent her 6/7 blogs via email for her old and now defunct NHS Exposed Blog in 2009/2010.

And 3/4 Facebook messages many years ago.

Our only ever contact.

I have never even spoken to the woman.

I shared no personal/private information or documents with her whatsoever.


She needs an income, as she is not allowed to be a doctor in the UK anymore and she thought me/my medical legal case would be it.

It is called being a gold digging obsessive stalker.

It is creepy and weird.

She tried a similar sick and warped stunt with the parent’s of a dead baby…which shows just what kind of person she really is.

She is nothing to do with me/my medical case and never has been.

I’m just a stranger she has seen blogging on the internet.

The same as all the others involved in the frauds of my case that pretend they are linked to me and caused the deaths of the Khans.

So if anyone has parted with any cash, cars or goods to this woman in relation to me/my medical case…they have been conned by her.


Her name is on the injunctions for safety list of this blog, for very good reasons.

As is her very good friend, William Cassie Powell of Robbie’s Law and Duty Of Candour. The father of the poor little boy who died of natural causes aggravated by neglect…as confirmed by the coroner of his case.

Along with many others they both associate with…because I do not want contact with or from any of them.

And never have.

In my opinion (to which I am entitled to) she is a thoroughly dangerous piece of work.

Oh, and Indians are not sending her death threats because she is a “Kind And Loveable Kashmir Warrior Of Peace”.


She knows full well what she has done.

I know full well what she has done.

Others know full well what she has done.

And soon, EVERYONE will know full well what she has done.

It is called FRAUD and has cost innocent people their lives.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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