What Has Happened To My Regular DWP Employment And Support Allowance Support Group Payment That Was Legally Meant To Be In My Usual DWP Post Office Account On 22/08/2017 AND STILL HASN’T BEEN PAID?…IT WAS PAID AS SOON AS THE FRAUD HAD BEEN DETECTED.

No one seems to know!

It’s all to do with whoever is pulling the bad strings at Cardiff Health Assessment Advisory Service…when DWP hadn’t even asked or authorised them to contact me.

NB. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN “UNSACKABLE GOVERNMENT MINISTER”…so very silly of the one who has muckily got himself involved in the above. They just can’t help themselves!

A letter was sent to them by myself via recorded delivery on 27/07/2017 requesting the name of the Cardiff Health Assessment Advisory Service employee who made this unrequested and unauthorised contact, AND THEY HAVE NOT RESPONDED OR SUPPLIED THE EMPLOYEES NAME TO ME SO THAT I CAN GIVE IT TO DWP.

DWP in Coventry have also had an ESA50 FORM (that they did not even request as my claim was an up and running indefinite claim but I sent anyway) sent by myself via recorded delivery also.

In the meantime, I’m sat here recovering from a stroke (and had a mini one while sorting arrangements/cremation for Molly) and feeling very ill, grieving for Molly and going short.

Like I said, if you are terminally ill, disabled and escaping horrific domestic violence DON’T COME TO WALES FOR A BREAK FROM IT ALL (even if Welsh).

They’ll unlawfully nick your benefits, disclose your location to your abusers putting your life in danger and kill your dogs!

Luckily I had my Disability Living Allowance…and paid my rent.

On 5/9/2017 there should now be a total of £752 paid into my DWP Post Office account.

If it is not there on Tuesday, I am reporting it to South Wales police as a theft. Along with the deliberate killing of Molly.

(This is exactly the same as when the druggie nonce crime mob tried to divert my benefits into their bank accounts and get themselves a Motability car by pretending they were my carers, when I was in Brora, Scotland…proper sicko’s).

Especially as the envelope sent to me has my son’s handwriting on it.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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