Is It An Offence For A Serving Police Officer To Issue A FAKE PTN Notice (Person Protection Notice) On A Member Of The Public That He/The Local Police Force Have Never Had “Any” Contact With? Not Spoken To Her. Not Met Her. Nothing. No Contact Whatsoever.

Yes, it is an offence to issue a FAKE PTN Notice on a member of the public, done solely for underhand motives.

It is creating false information for malicious intent.

It is storing untrue and incorrect information on an electronic database for malicious intent.

It is a breach of data protection to log and store untrue and incorrect information for malicious intent.

It is libel.

It is deformation of character.

It is a form of corruption.

It is also deceitful and a form of malicious harassment.

So why would a police officer of the name A Andrews from Bridgend (someone I have had no contact with and somewhere I have not been) issue a FAKE PTN Notice on someone (me) he/the local police force had never had any contact whatsoever with, on 26th August 2017 then?

Because it is part of the corruption, abuse and harassment I suffer on a daily basis…that is why.

No other reason.

Very silly of a new police force to get themselves involved in Thames Valley Police’s corrupt murkey and abusive mess.

A corrupt murkey mess that involves million’s of pounds worth of fraud and the death of an innocent woman and the murder of a 10-year-old child.

It is also an offence to go around a person’s local area telling people someone has mental health issue’s when they don’t and that she is a danger to herself and other’s when she has never so much as harmed a fly…let alone herself or other’s (SLANDER AND DEFORMATION OF CHARACTER).

I don’t think Julie Stevens of the Community Mental Health Team was too impressed when we spoke, finding out she had been involved/used in the police’s sick game/wind up.

Oh, and if it is any consolation, according to locals “I am the most normal person who has lived in this house” and “I’m so quiet, they don’t even know I am here”.

And the police wonder why the public and media have lost all trust and faith in them…instances like this sick deceptive little game are why!

NB. 5/6 weeks after the above had been done, I then had contact with PS Symes (4886) on the 7th October 2017 as I want Molly’s death treated as a crime, because it was.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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