“Judge Munby And The High Court Cancels And Tears Up 21 Fraudulent Divorce Petitions” Carried Out By A Fraudster Barrister.

Now The UK Courts, Spanish Courts And Any Other Courts Need To Do The Same With Everything Relating To My Medical Case Between 2009/2018. Because It Has All Been Serious Organised Crime And Judicial Fraud Carried Out By Fraudsters Who Are Absolutely Nothing To Do With Me And My Genuine Medical Case.

The lovely lady QC who helped me with information and advice recently (the only legal legitimately involved with me/my medical case) free of charge has not charged for “anything” and will “not” be applying to the courts for a “pro bono costs order or any other costs”.

Anyone applying to the courts for “any cost orders, compensation and damages” in relation to this case is a low life scumbag fraudster trying to scam money and nothing to do with me/my genuine medical case.

Now the courts need to recover every single penny ever paid out to the fraudsters (multi-millions) in relation to my medical case between 2009/2018.

Then they need to arrange for all the goods, cars, motorbikes, caravans, motor homes, land, properties, businesses, charities etc bought with and set up with the crime cash and profits by the fraudsters to be seized as assets of crime.

Then they need to arrange for the police to arrest and charge “all” the bent officials, fraudsters and money launderers for their frauds and crimes, my early and deliberate manslaughter via deliberate deprivation of vital brain surgery and healthcare, Rubina Khans death and Amaar Khans murder.

Lest not forget the sick and brutal killings of all my dog’s.

THEN THE COURTS CAN SENTENCE THEM ALL TO PRISON…this can not be done until the police have arrested and charged them all.

The police just keep refusing to do it.


NONE of the individuals, officials, organisations, charities, media, solicitors, campaigners, activists, ex-relatives et al who have claimed to be anything to do with me and my medical case, ARE.


Now they ALL need to go to prison.

Disturbing that Judges and others have fallen for it all.

EVEN MORE DISTURBING…None of them have shown any remorse whatsoever for their crimes or Rubina and Amaar Khans deaths.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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