Thames Valley Police Rated “Inadequate” By Inspectors.

Corruption. Dishonesty. Thieving And Robbery. Fraud. Disabled Hate Crimes. Domestic Violence Against Terminally Ill Disabled People. Sex Crimes. Protecting Sex Offenders And Paedophiles. Conspiracy To Murder. Corporate Manslaughter. Rotten To The Core Is A Better Description Than Inadequate. From The Bottom Up To The Top. The Force Needs Disbanding.

TVHA Tenancy Image

How Did Thames Valley Housing Association, Owen White Solicitors And A Bunch Of Labour Nonce Ponce Gypsy Criminal Thugs Stitch Up Judge Glen?

Judicial Fraud, Perjury. False Information. Unlawful Eviction And Then Robbery By A Disgraced Housing Association, Bent Solicitors And Labour Gypsy Thugs Involved In Serious Organised Crime That Led To The Murder Of A 10-Year-Old Child.