How Does My Ex-Grandmother Feel Knowing How Many Lives She Has Destroyed And Careers And Reputations She Has Ruined With Her Greed, Lies And Frauds Committed With Criminals?

The Lengths Some Sick People Will Go To To Get Their Hands On Someone Else’s Money To Prevent Them Having It. Leaving A Trail Of Dead People And Animals Behind Them.


HC Law (Harrison Cartier) Solicitors In Slough Who Helped My Ex-Grandmother Shirley Ann Stoker Of The National Drug Prevention Alliance Steal My Inheritance Via Deception And Fraud In 2005 Were Closed Down In October 2013.

The Solicitors Firm, HC Law Who Helped Shirley Ann Stoker Steal My Inheritance Were Shut Down In 2013.


Is It True That In 2011/2012 I Contacted HC Law Solicitors In Slough To Ask Them To Stop Their Client My Ex-Grandmother Shirley Ann Stoker Of The National Drug Prevention Alliance Making Contact With Me And What Happened?

This Woman Is A Persistent Stalker And Malicious Harasser. Funny, She Doesn’t Stalk Her Other 14 Grandchildren Who Want Nothing To Do With Her…Oh Yeah, They’re Not Legally Owed Millions In Compensation And Damages That’s Why.

In 2012 I Was Told By The SRA To Report Shirley Ann Stoker And Solicitor Ron Kerslakes Crimes To The Police So Action Could Be Taken And My Stolen Inheritance Returned To Me So My Pre Cancerous Cervical Cells Could Be Removed…SO WHY HAS THIS NOT BEEN DONE?

This has not been done because Thames Valley Police would not let me report the crimes to them. THEREFORE, I COULD NOT HAVE MY PRE CANCEROUS CELLS REMOVED AS MY STOLEN INHERITANCE WAS NEVER RETURNED TO ME BY STOKER AND KERSLAKE TO FUND THE TREATMENT. If I now have unnecessary and what will be untreatable…

If Shirley Ann Stoker Of The NDPA Is Nothing To Do With Me Why Do I Have A Letter Here From The FSA With Her LYING And PRETENDING To Be My Mother…My Mother, Her Daughter Died In 1990!

Shirley Ann Stoker of the National Drug Prevention Alliance is a habitual liar and fraudster THAT IS WHY! We cannot stop this disgusting individual committing her sick and warped fraud crimes against me, because her grandson by marriage, is Sergeant Tom O’Brien of Maidenhead police station. SO I’M NOT ALLOWED TO REPORT ANY OF THE…