Not only did the sex case paedophile fraud crime gang set up the TVHA Heathcote Postal Fraud. they also set up a secondary address to use for the same fraud, at the Middlegreen Industrial Estate in Langley. Home of the Slough Observer.

This was the address being used when Slough photographer, Nick Wilde allegedly had £10,000 of photography equipment stolen and the Slough Observer covered the story of the alleged theft.

They then removed the story.

Nick Wild Stolen Photography Equipment

John Dickens Of The Slough Observer Covered The Story On The ALLEGED Photography Theft. I Had My Canvases And Prints Stolen Not Photography Equipment. The Slough Observer Have Never Covered Any Part Of My Story Or Case At Any Time Between 2006/2018. They Were Fully Aware Of My Case But Were Never Involved In It, In Any Way, Shape Or Form. They Were On The Opposite Side To Me.

Anyone who sent cash/goods/mail to the Middlegreen Industrial Estate address, were robbed by the same sex case paedophile fraud crime gang running the Heathcote address in Middlesex. Thames Valley Housing Association employees and the Sex Case Judicial Fraud Crime Gang, who are dirty raping animals of society.

Everyone who sent gifts/cash/mail to the Sex Case Fraud Crime Gang at the above address between 2009/2013 should report the Sex Case  Fraud Crime Gangs crimes and their own losses to their local police.

Don’t bother reporting to Thames Valley Police/MET Police, as they were involved in the fraud and crimes too, so they will protect their sex case paedophile fraudster buddies at Thames Valley Housing Association and in the Midlands, to the hilt.

As my diary of abuse shows.

Oh, and John’s now living it up in New Zealand and Nick, in Paphos.

© Nicola Jenkins ~ All Rights Reserved.


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