Next of Kin.

NONE of my blood relative’s like Shirley Ann Stoker or my children could be trusted to be my Next of Kin.

That is why it is my dead mothers good friend and stepfather….who have both known me since I was 4/5 years old.

I don’t have a mother because she died in 1990.

I have never had a stepmother.

Nor a Mother-In-Law… because I have NEVER married.

And that’s why on my death, “everything” will go to the Kaleidoscope Project Charity in Kingston-Upon-Thames, run by the Blakeborough family.

NOT ex-relative’s I have had no contact with for over a decade or more, who have played no part in my life and who are nothing to do with me or my medical case.

In fact, have repeatedly been told to stay away from me.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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