In The Summer Of 2012 Europ Assistance Insurer’s Had To Stop Trading In The UK/Ireland After The Financial Services Authority (Not Solicitor’s And Court’s) Had Dealt With My Breach Of Insurer’s Contract Medical Case In Antalya Against Them…What Happened Next?

NB. The Financial Services Authority was replaced in April/May 2013 with the Prudential Regulation Authority and Financial Conduct Authority. SO WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? Well, the Insurer’s certainly didn’t pay the compensation and damage’s (costed by professionals at £3.3 million in 2008 before William Cornwell then of Irwin Mitchell London and from 2012 of Slater and…

Grenfell Tower Victim’s Hounded And Harassed By “Greedy Ambulance Chasing Lawyer’s”.

Cor, they want to think themselves lucky they’re only being hounded and harassed! I have them actually PRETENDING to be my Lawyer’s/Barrister’s/Advocate’s/Agent’s etc and fraudulently taking my medical case into Court’s of Law without my consent, with falsified document’s, untrue information and allsorts. Not to mention all the other FRAUD’S. Not just disturbed psycho’s in…

There Has NEVER Been ANY Legitimate Medical Care Plan Drawn Up For Me Between 2006/2017 Because I Am And Always Will Be Responsible For My Own Care…That Was/Is Fraud Carried Out By The Judicial Fraudster’s And Bent Official’s Who Also Added A Fraudulent DNAR Order To My Medical Note’s And Were Then Going To Bump Me Off And Enjoy All The Fraudulent Cash They Garnered From Using My Medical Case.

How on earth the UK COURT’S have allowed such a SCAM by paedophile criminal’s and bent official’s involved in SERIOUS ORGANISED CRIME is beyond me. Lucky I’m still alive eh! Just a shame I cannot say the same for Rubina and Amaar Khan. Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.

“Right To Be Forgotten” Law…NO THANKS!

That’s just a, “Get Out Of Jail” card for free, for all the sick and dangerous bent official’s, legal’s and criminal’s like GEETA NANDA, THE MIDLANDS FRAUDSTER ET AL that have committed million’s and million’s of pounds worth of fraud, using my medical case without my consent, when I had my Freewebs/Webs website (Nikki Jenkins)…

I Am Surrounded By :

Kind, sweet, helpful and truly amazing people. One day, when I can disclose where I am, I am going to write a glowing review for the place and people. Both are highly deserving of the praise. Love them. I just had to say that :) Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.