Tin Foil Hat

Can I Name All The Corrupt Officials And Dangerous Maniac Patient Safety Campaigners Who Committed The Multi-Million Pound Fraud Of My Medical Case Causing The Khan’s Deaths?

Yes. I Can Name All Of The Corrupt Officials And Dangerous And Deranged Malevolent Sex Offending Criminal Psychopaths. THE SOONER THE POLICE TAKE THEM ALL OFF THE STREETS AND THEY ARE IN PRISON FOR THEIR CRIMES, THE BETTER.

David With My Stolen Chest Of Drawers.

Landlords Who Have Unlawfully Evicted A Tenant Remain Liable For Damages Until They Lawfully Terminate The Tenancy.

Thames Valley Housing Association Have Still Not “LAWFULLY” Terminated My Old 16 Year Assured Rental Tenancy At 18 Neptune Way Slough SL1 5UT And Owe Me A Fortune In Damages Now. THIS UNLAWFUL EVICTION WAS CARRIED OUT BY SERGEANT TOM O’BRIEN’S TVP COPPER THUG MATE AND RAY O’LOONEY OF THAMES VALLEY HOUSING ASSOCIATION. WHO BOTH ALSO UNLAWFULLY PREVENTED ME TAKING MY FURNITURE AND BELONGINGS. And This Is A TVHA Resident, David In Hounslow, With My Stolen Blue Chest Of Drawers.