Like I Said…My Medical Case Has Never Been LAWFULLY Presented To Any Court. All Fraud And Money Laundering By Scammers And Corrupt Officials.

As You Can See By MY Documents MY Medical Case Never Made It Out Of The Irwin Mitchell London Office In October 2008. Let Alone Into ANY Court Of Law. Then, Or After That Date. Even Though It Should Have And Would Have If Solicitor William Cornwell Had Done His Job Properly. In October 2008. THE SOONER POLICE GET ALL THE CORRUPT OFFICIALS AND SCAMMERS OFF THE STREETS AND IN PRISON, THE BETTER.

Keep On Keeping On

I Do Not Need Or Want A Personal Injury Lawyer Or A Human Rights Lawyer.

A Personal Injury/Human Rights Lawyer Cannot Prevent Me Being Up Against Fucking Idiots With Big Wallets Stuffed With Fraudulent Cash And Small Dick Syndrome. Besides, I’m Still Living (Dying) With The Damage Done By The “Best Injury Lawyers In The Country” Irwin Mitchell London Solicitors, In 2008. Who Haven’t Even Mustered An Apology For All The Crimes And Frauds Still Going On Now. Caused By Their Dangerous, Negligent And Incompetent Solicitor, William Cornwell.


Is It True That In 2011/2012 I Contacted HC Law Solicitors In Slough To Ask Them To Stop Their Client My Ex-Grandmother Shirley Ann Stoker Of The National Drug Prevention Alliance Making Contact With Me And What Happened?

This Woman Is A Persistent Stalker And Malicious Harasser. Funny, She Doesn’t Stalk Her Other 14 Grandchildren Who Want Nothing To Do With Her…Oh Yeah, They’re Not Legally Owed Millions In Compensation And Damages That’s Why.