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How Did Thames Valley Housing Association, Owen White Solicitors And A Bunch Of Labour Nonce Ponce Gypsy Criminal Thugs Stitch Up Judge Glen?

Judicial Fraud, Perjury. False Information. Unlawful Eviction And Then Robbery By A Disgraced Housing Association, Bent Solicitors And Labour Gypsy Thugs Involved In Serious Organised Crime That Led To The Murder Of A 10-Year-Old Child.

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Tuesdays MSM News Headlines “Corrupt Coppers Took Bribes And Cash From Serious Organised Crime Gangs”.

Corruption. Sex Crimes. Judicial Fraud. Robbery. Money Laundering. Child Murder. Conspiracy To Murder Me. Corporate Manslaughter. Harassment. Intimidation. Not All Police Officers Are Heroes.

Thames Valley Police And Facebook Are Not Embarrassed By The Police Officer Clara Jane Penfold/Clara Jane Breaker Case…They Knew Full Well What Was Going On!

Facebook knew what was going on…because I reported it to them. Thames Valley Police knew what was going on…because I reported it to them. They are not embarrassed by the case. The only embarrassment is of being found out and exposed. THERE IS NO NEED FOR FACEBOOK TO EVER MAKE CONTACT WITH ME REGARDING MY…

Thames Valley Police Clara Jane Penfold/Breaker

Have Police Interviewed Police Officer Clara Jane Penfold Breaker Yet About The £800,000 She Took And The Trip To The USA For Lung Surgery That Never Took Place? She Just Had A Holiday There With Her Kids.

This is the lady flown to the USA (I’VE NOT BEEN TO THE USA SINCE 1999) for lung transplant surgery that never took place, after the 2012 Browne Jacobson, Europ Assistance, NHS fraud of my case took place with the fraudster’s and bent official’s in the Midlands’ and Slough. You can hardly mistake Clara Jane…