David With My Stolen Chest Of Drawers.

Landlords Who Have Unlawfully Evicted A Tenant Remain Liable For Damages Until They Lawfully Terminate The Tenancy.

Thames Valley Housing Association Have Still Not “LAWFULLY” Terminated My Old 16 Year Assured Rental Tenancy At 18 Neptune Way Slough SL1 5UT And Owe Me A Fortune In Damages Now. THIS UNLAWFUL EVICTION WAS CARRIED OUT BY SERGEANT TOM O’BRIEN’S TVP COPPER THUG MATE AND RAY O’LOONEY OF THAMES VALLEY HOUSING ASSOCIATION. WHO BOTH ALSO UNLAWFULLY PREVENTED ME TAKING MY FURNITURE AND BELONGINGS. And This Is A TVHA Resident, David In Hounslow, With My Stolen Blue Chest Of Drawers.

Peter Walsh Of AVMA

Ambulance Chasing Peter Walsh Of AVMA.

The Internet Is Full Of Ambulance Chasers And Plight Jockeys Looking To Make Dirty Money Off The Misfortunes And Illness Of Others. I Don’t Give These Types And Charity’s Like This The Time Of Day…Much To Their Annoyance.


We Got A £70,000 Bank Loan To Buy The Ferrari…Honest Guv!

Liar Liar Pants On Fire. The Ferrari Is An Asset Of Crime Bought With Obtained By Deception Money And Fraudulently Laundered Cash From The Fraud Of MY Medical Case. So Is The Luxury Villa. Both Need Seizing As Assets Of Crime. Along With All Funds In Various Bank Accounts. And Both (Husband & Wife) Of The Unlawful Criminal Owners Need To Be Arrested, Charged And Sentenced For Their Fraud And Money Laundering Crimes. For The Maximum Term Possible. Their Crimes Caused The Horrific And Unnecessary Khan’s Deaths. And They Have Both Shown No Remorse For Their Crimes Or The Deaths Either. THEY ARE DANGEROUS CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHS AND THE SOONER EUROPOL/INTERPOL TAKE THEM OFF THE STREETS AND THEY ARE IN PRISON FOR THEIR CRIMES, THE BETTER.

5 Generation Image

Why Did I Not Take Legal Action To Recover The Inheritance That Shirley Ann Stoker Stole Off Me?

I Hate The Woman So Much I Was Just Pleased To Have Her Out Of My Life For Good In 2005. However, Even When Decent People Like Myself Walk Away From Her And My Inheritance She Has Stolen, Spent On Hersef And Others, Still Owes Me And Totally Ignore Her She Stalks And Maliciously Harasses Them With Others. As My Diary Of Abuse Shows. A Very Sick And Disturbed Bully. She Now Has More Blood On Her Hands Than The Local Butcher. THAT’S WHY I WALKED AWAY FROM HER, MY STOLEN INHERITANCE AND TOOK NO LEGAL ACTION TO RECOVER IT.



CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN THIS : Bloggingaboutitandmore.wordpress.com receives less than 0.56% of its total traffic. It was owned by several entities, from Automattic Inc. Registered through : GoDaddy to Domain Admin of Automattic Inc., it was hosted by Automattic Inc. While GoDaddy was its first registrar, now it is moved to MarkMonitor Inc.. GoDaddy? MarkMonitor? Clarivate Analytics? Thomson Reuters?…