Keep On Keeping On

I Do Not Need Or Want A Personal Injury Lawyer Or A Human Rights Lawyer.

A Personal Injury/Human Rights Lawyer Cannot Prevent Me Being Up Against Fucking Idiots With Big Wallets Stuffed With Fraudulent Cash And Small Dick Syndrome. Besides, I’m Still Living (Dying) With The Damage Done By The “Best Injury Lawyers In The Country” Irwin Mitchell London Solicitors, In 2008. Who Haven’t Even Mustered An Apology For All The Crimes And Frauds Still Going On Now. Caused By Their Dangerous, Negligent And Incompetent Solicitor, William Cornwell.


“It Just Goes To Show Litigation Is The Only Way. I’m Watching Your Bank Account Go Up And Up And Up” Said Fraudster And Asian Scammer Con Woman Dr Rita Pal.

Serious Organised Crime. Judicial Fraud. Perverting The Course Of Justice. Perjury. Robbery. Money Laundering. Kidnap. Torture. Slavery. Child Abuse. Conspiracy To Murder. Deliberate Manslaughter. Child Murder. Animal Deaths. Stalking. Ugliness In Its Full Glorious Colour.