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Dear Dr Mindset…LMAO.

Mentally Ill People Talking To Themselves Online With Multiple Profiles. Yeah That.

Law Scrabble

You Can Run Elsewhere But You Can’t Hide You Corrupt Little Barrister Thief And Judicial Fraudster.

A Dirty Corrupt Little Barrister Involved In Judicial Court Fraud, Serious Organised Crime And Money Laundering With Sex Offenders And Bent Officials. Contributing To My Deliberate Corporate Manslaughter And The Khans Horrific And Unnecessary Deaths.


Is It True That In 2011/2012 I Contacted HC Law Solicitors In Slough To Ask Them To Stop Their Client My Ex-Grandmother Shirley Ann Stoker Of The National Drug Prevention Alliance Making Contact With Me And What Happened?

This Woman Is A Persistent Stalker And Malicious Harasser. Funny, She Doesn’t Stalk Her Other 14 Grandchildren Who Want Nothing To Do With Her…Oh Yeah, They’re Not Legally Owed Millions In Compensation And Damages That’s Why.