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Can I Name All The Corrupt Officials And Dangerous Maniac Patient Safety Campaigners Who Committed The Multi-Million Pound Fraud Of My Medical Case Causing The Khan’s Deaths?

Yes. I Can Name All Of The Corrupt Officials And Dangerous And Deranged Malevolent Sex Offending Criminal Psychopaths. THE SOONER THE POLICE TAKE THEM ALL OFF THE STREETS AND THEY ARE IN PRISON FOR THEIR CRIMES, THE BETTER.

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The Corrupt Officials And Fraudsters Are Going To Get Away With The Khan’s Deaths.

Filthy Criminal Fraudster Scum. They Should All Be In Prison For Life For What They Have Done And The Unnecessary Harm And Deaths They Have Caused. Including The Corrupt Officials, Solicitors, MPs And Police Officers Involved In All The Crimes, Frauds And Money Laundering. THEY ARE DANGEROUS CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHS. THE SOONER POLICE TAKE THEM ALL OFF THE STREETS AND THEY ARE IN PRISON, THE BETTER.

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Why Did I Not Take Legal Action To Recover The Inheritance That Shirley Ann Stoker Stole Off Me?

I Hate The Woman So Much I Was Just Pleased To Have Her Out Of My Life For Good In 2005. However, Even When Decent People Like Myself Walk Away From Her And My Inheritance She Has Stolen, Spent On Hersef And Others, Still Owes Me And Totally Ignore Her She Stalks And Maliciously Harasses Them With Others. As My Diary Of Abuse Shows. A Very Sick And Disturbed Bully. She Now Has More Blood On Her Hands Than The Local Butcher. THAT’S WHY I WALKED AWAY FROM HER, MY STOLEN INHERITANCE AND TOOK NO LEGAL ACTION TO RECOVER IT.

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I Do Not Need Or Want A Personal Injury Lawyer Or A Human Rights Lawyer.

A Personal Injury/Human Rights Lawyer Cannot Prevent Me Being Up Against Fucking Idiots With Big Wallets Stuffed With Fraudulent Cash And Small Dick Syndrome. Besides, I’m Still Living (Dying) With The Damage Done By The “Best Injury Lawyers In The Country” Irwin Mitchell London Solicitors, In 2008. Who Haven’t Even Mustered An Apology For All The Crimes And Frauds Still Going On Now. Caused By Their Dangerous, Negligent And Incompetent Solicitor, William Cornwell.

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Stalking, Criminal, Fraudster Solicitors Involved In Serious Organised Crime, Money Laundering, Conspiracy To Murder, Deliberate Manslaughter And Child Murder. None Are Anything To Do With Me/My Genuine Medical Case Whatsoever. All Fraud.

Blood On Their Hands

If I Am Terminally Ill And Dr Strawford Of Cippenham Medical Centre Said “It’s Time To Increase Your Pain Relief Now” In 2009…How On Earth Have I Coped With The Pain With Zero Pain Relief And Zero Healthcare Since Thames Valley Housing Association, Thames Valley Police And The Crime Gang Who Drove The Khans To Their Deaths Started Defrauding My Case In 2009/2010?

It has been 9 years of torture…and they ALL need charging with that 9 years of deliberate torture, as they all knew full well what they were doing. Along with all their sex crimes, paedophilia, postal frauds, local and mainstream media frauds, web host frauds, ID theft frauds, legal frauds, judicial frauds, Nationwide Building Society…