Thames Valley Police Rated “Inadequate” By Inspectors.

Corruption. Dishonesty. Thieving And Robbery. Fraud. Disabled Hate Crimes. Domestic Violence Against Terminally Ill Disabled People. Sex Crimes. Protecting Sex Offenders And Paedophiles. Conspiracy To Murder. Corporate Manslaughter. Rotten To The Core Is A Better Description Than Inadequate. From The Bottom Up To The Top. The Force Needs Disbanding.

Police Badge

Tuesdays MSM News Headlines “Corrupt Coppers Took Bribes And Cash From Serious Organised Crime Gangs”.

Corruption. Sex Crimes. Judicial Fraud. Robbery. Money Laundering. Child Murder. Conspiracy To Murder Me. Corporate Manslaughter. Harassment. Intimidation. Not All Police Officers Are Heroes.

Law Scrabble

I Have Not Instructed Or Consented For Any Solicitor Or Law Firm To Take Court Action In Any Court Against The NHS Or Insurers Involved In My Medical Case.

Any Solicitor/Barrister Or Law Firm That Has Done So Are Fraudsters. They Need To Be Struck Off And Shut Down By The Solicitors Regulation Authority And Bar Standards Board For Being Involved In Serious Organised Crime, Fraud And Money Laundering. And Police Need To Get Them Arrested And Charged So The Courts Can Sentence Them.