David With My Stolen Chest Of Drawers.

Landlords Who Have Unlawfully Evicted A Tenant Remain Liable For Damages Until They Lawfully Terminate The Tenancy.

Thames Valley Housing Association Have Still Not “LAWFULLY” Terminated My Old 16 Year Assured Rental Tenancy At 18 Neptune Way Slough SL1 5UT And Owe Me A Fortune In Damages Now. THIS UNLAWFUL EVICTION WAS CARRIED OUT BY SERGEANT TOM O’BRIEN’S TVP COPPER THUG MATE AND RAY O’LOONEY OF THAMES VALLEY HOUSING ASSOCIATION. WHO BOTH ALSO UNLAWFULLY PREVENTED ME TAKING MY FURNITURE AND BELONGINGS. And This Is A TVHA Resident, David In Hounslow, With My Stolen Blue Chest Of Drawers.


Fascinating Interview With A Journalist…Here Is What We Discussed.

Everyone And Everything In My Diary Of Abuse. How The Media Were Supporting And Helping The Sex Offenders, Paedophiles And Criminals Involved In All The Crimes And Frauds Of My Medical Case But Wouldn’t Help Me. Along With Some Bits/People I Have Not Written About…Yet.


Like I Said…My Medical Case Has Never Been LAWFULLY Presented To Any Court. All Fraud And Money Laundering By Scammers And Corrupt Officials.

As You Can See By MY Documents MY Medical Case Never Made It Out Of The Irwin Mitchell London Office In October 2008. Let Alone Into ANY Court Of Law. Then, Or After That Date. Even Though It Should Have And Would Have If Solicitor William Cornwell Had Done His Job Properly. In October 2008. THE SOONER POLICE GET ALL THE CORRUPT OFFICIALS AND SCAMMERS OFF THE STREETS AND IN PRISON, THE BETTER.

Law Scrabble

I Have Not Instructed Or Consented For Any Solicitor Or Law Firm To Take Court Action In Any Court Against The NHS Or Insurers Involved In My Medical Case.

Any Solicitor/Barrister Or Law Firm That Has Done So Are Fraudsters. They Need To Be Struck Off And Shut Down By The Solicitors Regulation Authority And Bar Standards Board For Being Involved In Serious Organised Crime, Fraud And Money Laundering. And Police Need To Get Them Arrested And Charged So The Courts Can Sentence Them.