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How Did Thames Valley Housing Association, Owen White Solicitors And A Bunch Of Labour Nonce Ponce Gypsy Criminal Thugs Stitch Up Judge Glen?

Judicial Fraud, Perjury. False Information. Unlawful Eviction And Then Robbery By A Disgraced Housing Association, Bent Solicitors And Labour Gypsy Thugs Involved In Serious Organised Crime That Led To The Murder Of A 10-Year-Old Child.


Pubic Hairstyles.

Corrupt Officials And Fraudster Criminals Involved In Serious Organised Crime And Money Laundering That Has Left A Woman Dead, A 10-Year-Old Child Dead And Caused My Deliberate Manslaughter Getting Their Pubes In A Twist…Prison Awaits Them.

Blood On Their Hands

If I Am Terminally Ill And Dr Strawford Of Cippenham Medical Centre Said “It’s Time To Increase Your Pain Relief Now” In 2009…How On Earth Have I Coped With The Pain With Zero Pain Relief And Zero Healthcare Since Thames Valley Housing Association, Thames Valley Police And The Crime Gang Who Drove The Khans To Their Deaths Started Defrauding My Case In 2009/2010?

It has been 9 years of torture…and they ALL need charging with that 9 years of deliberate torture, as they all knew full well what they were doing. Along with all their sex crimes, paedophilia, postal frauds, local and mainstream media frauds, web host frauds, ID theft frauds, legal frauds, judicial frauds, Nationwide Building Society…


Slough Borough Council Are Nothing To Do With Me Or My Care And Never Have Been. They Just Pay My Rent Via Housing Benefit Direct To My Landlord TVHA. The Same As Any Other ESA/DLA Benefit Claimant In Slough. All Other Funds Passed Through This Shoddy Organisation Relating To My Case Is From The Midlands Paedo Fraud That Left The Khans Dead. The Courts, Police Or Anti-Corruption Unit Need To Recover EVERY Penny From This Fraud And The Fraudsters Who Laundered The Cash There. Shutting All The Crime Gangs Many Bank Accounts Funding The Crimes Would Be A Good Idea Too!

Serious Organised Crime. Fraud. Money Laundering. Gypsies. Labour Party.