How Many Of The Bent Official’s And Criminal’s Involved In The Multi-Million Pound Fraud’s Of This Case Have Been Arrested And Charged By Thames Valley Police And Sentenced To Prison By The Court’s For Their Fraud’s And Rubina And Amaar Khan’s Death’s/Murder’s?

NONE OF THEM! Every single one of them are still in their job’s and out on the street’s BRAGGING ABOUT THEIR CRIME’S AND PROFIT’S ONLINE…posing a severe danger to myself and other’s. They should ALL be behind bars by now. Chief Constable Francis Habgood of Thames Valley Police needs to explain why NO arrest’s and…

There Has NEVER Been ANY Legitimate Medical Care Plan Drawn Up For Me Between 2006/2017 Because I Am And Always Will Be Responsible For My Own Care…That Was/Is Fraud Carried Out By The Judicial Fraudster’s And Bent Official’s Who Also Added A Fraudulent DNAR Order To My Medical Note’s And Were Then Going To Bump Me Off And Enjoy All The Fraudulent Cash They Garnered From Using My Medical Case.

How on earth the UK COURT’S have allowed such a SCAM by paedophile criminal’s and bent official’s involved in SERIOUS ORGANISED CRIME is beyond me. Lucky I’m still alive eh! Just a shame I cannot say the same for Rubina and Amaar Khan. Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.

What Happened When Rubina Khan Discovered The Paedophile Crime Gang And Bent Official’s Had Committed The Blatant Judicial Fraud’s Of My Genuine Medical Case With Stolen And Falsified Medical Note’s And Postal Fraud’s And Had Spent And Laundered “All” The Money From Them?

She and her 10-year-old child were found dead on Slough train tracks (September 2014). Oh, and then they were going to kill me too (and still trying). But that plot and other’s failed because “I” foiled them…and they just ended up slaughtering all my dog’s instead. WHO EXACTLY NEEDED RUBINA KHAN OUT OF THE WAY?…

Here’s Who And What Everyone Has Been Fraudulently Funding Between 2009/2017…NOT ME AND NOT ANYONE WHO IS ANYTHING TO DO WITH ME AT ANYTIME!

Geeta Nanda, the CEO of Thames Valley Housing Association, her employee’s/their relative’s/mate’s and a paedophile network in the UK, North America and Spain. Gypsy criminal Harry Downes, the MD of Fizzy Living, his gypsy relative’s/mate’s/associate’s and a paedophile network in the UK, North America and Spain. Corrupt MPs/Councillor’s/Council’s in various locations and a paedophile network…

STOP PRETENDING You Are Or Have Been Involved With Me And My Genuine Medical Case.

No one has been involved with me and my genuine medical case. Only my deliberate manslaughter through crime. And Rubina Khans death through crime. And Amaar Khans death through crime. My dogs slaughtered through crime. Crime that Thames Valley/MET police should have stopped in 2009/2010/2011/2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017…but didn’t. Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.