Crime Scene

Did Thames Valley Police Disclose All The Correct Evidence To The Crown Prosecution Service In Relation To This Case And Rubina And Amaar Khans Deaths?

Two Horrific And Unnecessary Deaths Caused By Greedy Criminal Fraudster Psychopaths And Corrupt Officials For Dirty Cash And Business Favours. With No Regard For Human Or Animal Life. And No Remorse Shown By The Corrupt Officials And Criminals Whatsoever.


“It Just Goes To Show Litigation Is The Only Way. I’m Watching Your Bank Account Go Up And Up And Up” Said Fraudster And Asian Scammer Con Woman Dr Rita Pal.

Serious Organised Crime. Judicial Fraud. Perverting The Course Of Justice. Perjury. Robbery. Money Laundering. Kidnap. Torture. Slavery. Child Abuse. Conspiracy To Murder. Deliberate Manslaughter. Child Murder. Animal Deaths. Stalking. Ugliness In Its Full Glorious Colour.

Law Scrabble


Stalking, Criminal, Fraudster Solicitors Involved In Serious Organised Crime, Money Laundering, Conspiracy To Murder, Deliberate Manslaughter And Child Murder. None Are Anything To Do With Me/My Genuine Medical Case Whatsoever. All Fraud.