Solicitor William Cornwell

What Has Solicitor William Cornwell Done To Rectify All The Damage, Frauds And Crimes His Actions And Negligence Have Caused Me?

The Man Has Done Absolutely Nothing. Not Even Given An Apology. Shameful Little Man. He Should Stick To Simple Whiplash And Ingrown Toenail Cases. Not Cases Of Serious Harm Involving Multiple Brain Haemorrhages, Strokes And Multiple Organ Damage. That Requires Knowledgeable And Competent Legals Who Put Their Clients Best Interests First. Not Endangers Their Health, Life And Safety…Especially When He Was Only My Solicitor For 30/45 Minutes In October 2008. HE CEASED BEING MY SOLICITOR ON 16TH OCTOBER 2008. HE HAD NO AUTHORITY TO BE INVOLVED IN MY MEDICAL CASE WHATSOEVER AFTER THIS DATE.


Prove It!

I Don’t Need To Prove It…It’s All In My Original And Genuine Turkish And UK Medical Notes/Scans/Tests And Medical Reports Which I Have In My Personal Possession. That’s Proof Enough. THE CORRUPT AND DANGEROUS INSURERS EUROP ASSISTANCE NEED TO PROVE ALL THE MEDICAL NOTES, SCANS, TESTS AND REPORTS ARE WRONG.