Fascinating Interview With A Journalist…Here Is What We Discussed.

Everyone And Everything In My Diary Of Abuse. How The Media Were Supporting And Helping The Sex Offenders, Paedophiles And Criminals Involved In All The Crimes And Frauds Of My Medical Case But Wouldn’t Help Me. Along With Some Bits/People I Have Not Written About…Yet.

Rubina And Amaar Khan JustGiving

The Corrupt Officials And Fraudsters Are Going To Get Away With The Khan’s Deaths.

Filthy Criminal Fraudster Scum. They Should All Be In Prison For Life For What They Have Done And The Unnecessary Harm And Deaths They Have Caused. Including The Corrupt Officials, Solicitors, MPs And Police Officers Involved In All The Crimes, Frauds And Money Laundering. THEY ARE DANGEROUS CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHS. THE SOONER POLICE TAKE THEM ALL OFF THE STREETS AND THEY ARE IN PRISON, THE BETTER.