Who I Blew The Whistle On

*I blew the whistle on Gurney House Old Peoples Home in Slough, Berkshire. Our elderly were being neglected and abused and I felt they deserved better. The neglect contributed (not caused) to the death of my Great Gran, Alice Lillian Harrison. THE HOME GOT CLOSED DOWN.

*I blew the whistle on Wexham Park Hospital in Slough, Berkshire. I blew the whistle countless times, over many years about many things. The main concerns were patient harm and fraud and corruption with my case. THE GOVERNMENT TOOK OVER THE HOSPITAL.

*I blew the whistle on Slough Children’s Services, due to the paedophile scandal and trafficking of women and children. THE GOVERNMENT HAD TO STEP IN AND HAND THE SERVICES OVER TO AN INDEPENDENT TRUST.

*I blew the whistle on police officers involved in crime. Mainly drug dealing, fraud, money laundering and prostitution. SOME ARRESTS HAVE NOW BEEN TAKING PLACE BUT THERE IS STILL A LONG WAY TO GO, AS IT INVOLVES SO MANY OFFICERS, IN MANY FORCES. IN FACT IT IS NOT JUST NATIONAL BUT INTERNATIONAL.

*I blew the whistle on the paedophilia crisis which later became a scandal because no-one listened. Unfortunately, it was so bad it has led to job losses. AT LEAST THAMES VALLEY POLICE ARE NOW TRYING TO GET TO GRIPS WITH IT ALL.

*I blew the whistle on Dr Phillip Reginald of Wexham Park Hospital in Slough, Berkshire for carrying out illegal and secret clinical trials without patients knowledge or consent. THIS BLOW IS STILL IN MAJOR CONFLICT BECAUSE HE AND THE HOSPITAL INVOLVED HAVE COMMITTED UNTOLD CRIME AND FRAUD TO “TRY” AND BURY HIS INITIAL DECEITFUL CRIME. THE HOSPITAL HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY THE GOVERNMENT.

TO BE CONTINUED…Unfortunately, I had to blow a lot of whistles.

NB. I was asked recently by someone how my “EMPLOYER” dealt with my whistle blowing.

I was NOT employed at ANY time when I blew the whistle on various agencies/organisations between 2008 and 2015. I was disabled/terminally ill just screaming out for healthcare and battling for the compensation/damages I am legally entitled to from the NHS/INSURERS, as my health and life depended on it.

My employment that I loved ended on December 12th 2005, four months into the illegal and secret clinical trial that was poisoning me and nearly killed me in May 2006, almost left me a blind vegetable and with permanent disabilities and a death sentence from a damaged brain artery that now leaks.

I was just an NHS/Insurance Company medical negligence and crime survivor blogging and keeping an online diary.

I have not worked anywhere or for anyone since my 3 brain haemorrhages in Turkey in 2006 due to a host of permanent disabilities which also include a severe/deadly 24/7 epilepsy, regular TIA’s and hypoxic events, a host of persistent and chronic physical health complaints and further strokes in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2012 from the damaged artery that now leaks.

There’s only one thing worse for the NHS/INSURERS than a dead medical negligent patient…and that’s a live one writing a diary about it on the internet for the world to read.

They particularly hate the ones like me who are owed multi-millions (where it has to be paid personally to myself where it should be) and who are catastrophically and physically harmed but have no mental health issues and full mental capacity, AS IT MEANS THE DAMAGES/COMPENSATION LEGALLY OWED TO ME, NEEDS TO BE PAID TO ME AND NOT HELD BY THE STATE WHO TO DATE HAVE BEEN FRAUDULENTLY HANDING IT AWAY TO ALL AND SUNDRY…except to me, who has not had one penny NOR one minute of care since I left hospital in 2006.

I never set out to be a whistle-blower. I was quite happy just writing my own stroke blog, minding my own business and getting on with my life, doing no harm to anyone.

I’m a very reasonable woman. Sadly, others involved in the deliberate medical harm and the following fraud and crimes, didn’t want to be reasonable in return. MY BLOGS NOW ARE THE RESULT OF THAT.

They wanted to cheat, deceive, lie, slander, libel, falsify evidence, commit judicial fraud, conspiracy to murder, kidnap, rape, abuse and just about anything else they could come up with TO PREVENT ME AND MY CASE GETTING INTO A COURT ROOM TO BE HEARD GENUINELY AND TRUTHFULLY AND TO AVOID PAYING THE COMPENSATION/DAMAGES LEGALLY OWED. They have spent far more now trying to discredit me and bury this case fraudulently, than they would ever have had to pay in compensation and damages.


Thanks to Reginald and the insurers deliberate crimes and deliberate neglect not only did they destroy my health and future, they left me unable to even get a mortgage, life insurance, health cover and all sorts of other life complications. AND AGED JUST 36. SHOCKING CRIMINALS!

The fraud gang even created fake life assurance policies for after my death, bearing my children’s/grandchildren’s names to benefit them, as I have written both of my children and all relatives/friends out of my final will FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY (not because none of them have ever done anything for me whilst in good health or poor health), in case I did ever receive MY medical negligence money. IF I DON’T GET THE MONEY I AM LEGALLY OWED PRIOR TO MY DEATH, AFTER MY DEATH “EVERYTHING I OWN ON MY DEATH” WILL GO TO THE KALIEDOSCOPE PROJECT CHARITY TO HELP HEROIN ADDICTS REBUILD THEIR LIVES.

Thankfully, I didn’t have a job to lose by blowing the whistle like other whistle blowers did, as I was left too ill to hold down regular full time employment…only what was left of my already fragile health/life.

Whistleblowers Whistle Image

You can read more about my unnecessary brain haemorrhages, disabilities and death sentence caused by medical crime and negligence by Dr Phillip Reginald of Wexham Park Hospital and Europ/Aria/Intana Assistance Insurers on my stroke blog.

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