I removed my first and original WordPress blog in August 2010, at the same time I removed my Webs website.

Both were called “Subarachnoid Haemorrhage : A Double Whammy”.

WordPress Blog

My Old WordPress Blog That I Deleted In August 2010. All Server Records Will Still Be Available Despite Me Deleting The Site. Old Timers History On The Internet Is ALWAYS Traceable. People Should Always Remember That. JUST LIKE SEX OFFENDERS AND FRAUDSTERS AND THEIR SEX CRIMES AND FRAUD.


1) They are an excellent service provider and users security and safety is a priority for them.

2) They make a huge effort to prevent trolls and criminals using their system to abuse women and children.

3) They do not tolerate rape porn and revenge porn.

4) THEY ARE BRILLIANT AND I CANNOT FAULT THEM IN ANY WAY…other than for occasional glitches that make me scream disgraceful obscenities at my laptop. It is however, still in one piece and not in a thousand pieces in the garden…so all’s good.

My 3 WordPress blogs and my Google+ account are my only “homes on the internet”.

I use NO other sites.

I have deleted blogs I was following/people following my blogs for their own safety.

I was recently made aware that people were being targeted due to their online association with me.

I cannot and will not allow that under any circumstances.

My battle is my battle and should not involve innocent members of the public.

Me missing their posts is a small price to pay for their safety.

Unfortunately, my psychopathic sex case fraudster stalkers and abusers are so mentally and sexually disturbed they will attack ANYONE…INCLUDING CHILDREN.

Ted Bundy was a catch compared to these freaks of nature, who should have remained as semen stains on their parents bed sheets.


© Nicola Jenkins ~ All Rights Reserved.


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